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Ken, the 'ELEPHANT TRAINER', uses a unique combination of Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Personality Profiling and Pyscho-Cybernetics to Educate, Motivate and Access his client's Subconscious Mind to create Positive Life Changes.


Want Results?  Hire the Elephant Trainer!


With more than a decade of experience training, coaching and mentoring people to achieve their personal and career goals, Ken (The Elephant Trainer) delivers exceptional results.


His use of mentalism and hypnosis, along with his delivery of empowering information which gives people the tools they need to exceed their previous results, has to be seen to be believed!


His unique methods discover unconscious patterns and behaviours that derail successful endeavours.  He then empowers people to fulfil their potential.


The Elephant is Ken’s analogy for the sub-conscious mind.


The Rider on the elephant is the conscious mind.


As human beings we mistakenly believe that the rider is in charge of the elephant.




People will NEVER, consistently exceed their own self-imposed limits!  Even when a better way, new technique or training is presented to them.




Because very few people speak ELEPHANT!


Everyone knows how to talk to the rider, he/she speaks English.


But, convince the Elephant to do something it doesn’t want to do, no way!


Enter The Elephant Trainer.



The session formats, timing etc are flexible to enable us to meet your needs and goals.

Contact Ken to discuss your needs in detail.


If combining Life Coaching with Hypnotherapy to assist speedier breakthroughs of any issues holding back your success, the initial one hour session applies:


  • A 30 minute session to discuss the behaviours / results you want to change and discover the reason behind them using Ken's skills in Life Coaching, NLP and Personality Profiling.  You are guaranteed to gain an understanding of how you developed these behaviours / results in this session.  


  • A 30 minute Hypnotherapy session.  


  • Your personalised hypnosis recording for private use at home.  



serious about




Ken takes on a STRICTLY LIMITED number of clients to take part in a 12 MONTH South West mentoring programme.


This includes:


  • 36 x 15 MINUTE PHONE CALLS (a call every week you don't attend a session to keep you on track)


If you are seriously interested in making a long term commitment to your personal growth and success please contact Ken to see if he has any openings for this amazing programme.





Email Ken NOW to learn how he can help you get results you want!

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Ken Robshaw Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Ken Robshaw


B.Ed; Dip Teach; Author; Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist; Mentalist;  NLP Practitioner; Business Coach; Life / Career / Sales Coach; Seminar Presenter

Key - Note Speaker


Hypnotherapy | Life & Career Coaching

Life Keys For Success

Ken Robshaw is an experienced Hypnotherapist who can help you live the life you want.


Servicing the South West - Yallingup | Dunsborough | Busselton | Margaret River | Bunbury & Perth

Hypnosis sessions comply with social distancing rules or can be conducted via Skype.



I met Ken when I was touring galleries in Yallingup and found Kay’s beautiful works in their Lake House Gallery.   I noted from a business card that Ken helped with various issues using hypnotherapy, and as I had a habit I wanted to give up, I asked Ken for some help.

 Ken and I met a few weeks later and we discussed the habit, and his suggestions for change.  He then took me through a hypnotherapy session, talking me through quitting in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.  Ken also sent me a recording of our session to listen to again daily in the following week, which I did.

 I can certainly say that this process has helped me to achieve what I was seeking, and I feel confident that the habit is broken!  It is hard to explain, but I just don’t think about doing that “thing” anymore and I feel great about that!

 Ken’s gentle and non threatening demeanour inspired confidence and relaxation, and I would not hesitate to return to him for other matters should I need to.

                          Caroline, Busselton



I wanted to quit smoking but was very skeptical and a little uncomfortable with the idea of using hypnosis to help me quit.  

Ken made me feel completely comfortable by explaining the whole process before we started and I found the experience very relaxing.  At the end of the hypnotherapy session I just knew that I would not smoke again and I haven’t!

David W – Spearwood