The Elephant Trainer

enthrals the audience with his unique combination of entertainment and education



Ken has been delivering powerful, educational and motivational seminars for more than a decade.


His unique style of combining new and innovative strategies, such as mentalism, with proven and time honoured methods helps create the ultimate results for businesses and individuals.  


He presents information in an entertaining and engaging manner that connects with people at a subconscious as well as conscious level.  By cementing values and information directly into their subsconscious he can create positive and constructive change in not only thinking but also in behaviour, thus, bringing about long lasting and positive results for the individual and the business.


Individual seminars can be designed to suit any businesses needs and can also be presented at your business premises combined with individual consultations and coaching.  





'Life Keys - the Seminar'    Life changing 6 hour premier seminar.


Everyone has the potential for greatness and abundance locked within them.

Learn how to unlock this potential by discovering the KEYS to a successful life.

Success in any and all areas of your life:

Financial, Physical and Emotional.

Discover the blocks that currently restrict your earning capacity,

your state of health and your personal relationships.

Understand the key to breaking through the “Terror Barrier” to the better life you deserve.

Learn why we behave the way we do and why we don’t do many of the things that we want to.


In this course you will learn:


  • How the mind works.

  • What the Self-Image is, how it controls us, and how to alter it.

  • Comfort Zones and how to break through them.

  • The most effective way to change habits.

  • How to reach into the subconscious mind.

  • The easiest way to quickly change results in your life.

  • How to greatly increase your sales results.


Course outline:



      Locus Of Control


      The Mind

      How We Think

      Self Image



      Comfort Zones

      Reticular Activating System




      Relaxation Exercise

      Goal Setting

      Reality & Imagined Reality

      Affirmations & Visualisation


      Let Go

     Your Mission





Plus a range of Specialised 45 minute Seminars and Key-Note Speaker subjects:


  • Introduction to the Mind and How it Works       

  • Reading Personalities                                                                     

  • The Magic of Rapport                                                                       

  • Goal Achieving                                                                  

  • The 3 Dimensions of Thought                                    

  • Emotions, Feelings and the Quantum Field         

  • Eliciting Feelings in Yourself and Others                              

  • Values, Driving Life Results                                        

  • The Law of Cause and Effect                                       

  • Pain and Pleasure                                                           

  • Questions and Frames                                                  

  • Ultimate Influence                                                         

  • Sales                                                                                   

  • Leadership                                                                         


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Ken Robshaw Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Ken Robshaw


B.Ed; Dip Teach; Author; Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist; Mentalist;  NLP Practitioner; Business Coach; Life / Career / Sales Coach; Seminar Presenter

Key - Note Speaker


Hypnotherapy | Life & Career Coaching

Life Keys For Success

Ken Robshaw is an experienced Hypnotherapist who can help you live the life you want.


Servicing the South West - Yallingup | Dunsborough | Busselton | Margaret River | Bunbury & Perth

Hypnosis sessions comply with social distancing rules or can be conducted via Skype.



I met Ken when I was touring galleries in Yallingup and found Kay’s beautiful works in their Lake House Gallery.   I noted from a business card that Ken helped with various issues using hypnotherapy, and as I had a habit I wanted to give up, I asked Ken for some help.

 Ken and I met a few weeks later and we discussed the habit, and his suggestions for change.  He then took me through a hypnotherapy session, talking me through quitting in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.  Ken also sent me a recording of our session to listen to again daily in the following week, which I did.

 I can certainly say that this process has helped me to achieve what I was seeking, and I feel confident that the habit is broken!  It is hard to explain, but I just don’t think about doing that “thing” anymore and I feel great about that!

 Ken’s gentle and non threatening demeanour inspired confidence and relaxation, and I would not hesitate to return to him for other matters should I need to.

                          Caroline, Busselton



I wanted to quit smoking but was very skeptical and a little uncomfortable with the idea of using hypnosis to help me quit.  

Ken made me feel completely comfortable by explaining the whole process before we started and I found the experience very relaxing.  At the end of the hypnotherapy session I just knew that I would not smoke again and I haven’t!

David W – Spearwood